Stronger collaboration

The aim of the project is to help reduce racial discrimination. Racism is a structural problem in Germany and we are convinced that sustainable solutions can only be implemented by involving those directly affected.

That is why we offer workshops for MSOs and those affected to empower them to become agents of anti-racism work. Through the integration into existing civil society networks and structures, they can take on an active role in the fight against racism. Dialogue forums also provide the opportunity to name racist forms of discrimination and to develop alternative courses of action together with representatives of various institutions. Eliminating racist discrimination together is intended to strengthen social collaboration and enable everyone to participate on an equal level.

The projects content consists of three central pillars: Empowerment, Dialogue and Transfer.

  • Workshops
  • Coachings
  • Networking
  • Visibility
  • Alternative courses of action

  • Strengthening social collaboration
  • Identifying racial discrimination
  • Developing common solutions

  • Incorporating the perspectives of black people and people of color into the political discussion
  • Recommendations for action to the Lower Saxony state parliament and the state government